Public Anthropology

Ongoing. Wanderers, column on the anthropology of space at SAPIENS.

Ongoing. Editor, Space+Anthropology, publication on the anthropology of space at Medium.

2016. The Power of the Dictionary. With Sarah Shulist and Lavanya M. Proctor. SAPIENS, December 9.

2015. The Dregs of the Library: Trashing the Occupy Wall Street Library. Backchannels, Society for Social Studies of Science, September 7.



2016. “The Religion of the Educated Classes Revisited: New Religions, the Nonreligious, and Educational Levels.” With James R. Lewis and Sean E. Currie. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55 (1): 91–104.

2015. “The Social Lives of Plants, in Space.” Astrosociological Insights 4 (2): 4–8.

2013. “Occupying Cyberspace: Indonesian Cyberactivists and Occupy Wall Street.” M.A. Thesis, Department of Anthropology, Hunter College, City University of New York.

2012. “Occupying Cyberspace: Indonesian Cyberactivists and Occupy Wall Street. Critical Quarterly 54(2): 39–45.

2010. “Theater in a Crowded Fire: Ritual and Spirituality at Burning Man by Lee Gilmore.” Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review 1(2): 163–167.


Conference Papers

2016. Confronting Language Ideologies in Public Anthropology: A Case Study of the #OxfordSexism Debate. With Lavanya M. Proctor and Sarah Shulist. 95th Meeting of the Central States Anthropological Society. Kansas City, Missouri. 22 April.

2015. Unfolding the Space Between Stars: Anthropology of the Interstellar. for “Making Outer Space Intimate: Familiar Scales and Strange Sites.” 114th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association; Denver, Colorado. 21 November.

2013. Occupying Cyberspace: Indonesian Cyberactivists and Occupy Wall Street. for “Bridging Digital and Physical Publics: Digital Anthropologists’ Current Engagements with 21st Century Publics.” 112th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association; Chicago, Illinois. 22 November.


Other Papers

2016. David Vetter and the Children of Mars. SocArXiv, Open Science Framework.

2015. Queering Outer Space.  SocArXiv, Open Science Framework.

2015. Writing Worlding: Turning to Ontology at the Dead End of “Culture.”  SocArXiv, Open Science Framework.

2013. Archipelagic Nationalism and Chinese Food Culture in New Order Indonesia: Making Indonesian Food, Erasing Chinese Food. SocArXiv, Open Science Framework.

2012. Bantar Gebang: An Urban-Refuse Waste Picker Community at Indonesia’s Largest Landfill. SocArXiv, Open Science Framework.

2012. The Cartography of Year Zero: Mapping in Joffé’s “The Killing Fields”.

2012. Colonialist Discourse in the “History of Religions” Method: A Linguistic Critique of Mircea Eliadeʼs Dialectic.

2007. Mapping the Temples of Cyborgism: Exploring the Numinous Potential of Replicants in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.

2006. Through the Ol, and What the Maya Found There: Sacred Cenotes as Portals to the Otherworld. SocArXiv, Open Science Framework.